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What We Do

Having served in a wide-range of organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, we understand the challenges organizations face and the battles they must fight—and win! Like Jackson at Manassas, we understand the “art of leadership” and the “science of management”—and the difference between the two! We know that good leaders and organizations occasionally encounter daunting crises or challenges. We embrace the Asian philosophy that most crises are opportunities riding a dangerous wind! With the right leadership and tactics, organizations can turn these challenges into successes. We can help.

We focus our efforts in four areas:

    • Organizational leadership & management
    • Transition support & leadership
    • Defense & federal business development
    • Pre & post-employment screening

We bring the value of objective external assessments and recommendations to your organization. We do not peddle commercial tools, pre-packaged solutions or management “fads” that cost too much and have surprisingly poor track records in achieving and sustaining desired results. Instead, we focus on the underlying drivers of performance improvement. We stand with you, in deliberate planning or in crisis management, and only for as long as you need us.