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Organizational Leadership & Management

Aided immensely by the technology explosion is information and management tools, the important lines between leadership and management have been seriously blurred. Indeed, in many organizations the lines have completely disappeared. Consider these powerful insights from two highly accomplished and respected American leaders:

Warren Bennis:  an organizational consultant and author who is widely regarded as a pioneer of the contemporary field of leadership studies:

“Managers are people who do things right and leaders are people who do the right thing. Both roles are crucial, and they differ profoundly. I often observe people in top positions doing the wrong things well.

“Most failing organizations are over-managed and under-led.”

General Colin Powell: former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Advisor to the President, and Secretary of State:

“Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.”

The Stonewall Group understands this critical distinction and assists our clients in understanding and embracing its role in overcoming obstacles and achieving organizational goals. Core competencies that we offer include:

  • Organizational performance improvement
  • Succession planning & management
  • Executive coaching
  • Organizational alignment
  • Leader development
  • Individual/professional development plans
  • Motivational speaking