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Pre and Post Employment Screening

“Shielding your future by knowing the past.”

The Stonewall Group teams with its strategic partner, Shield Screening of Bixby, OK to offer world class pre-and post-employment background screening services.

Shield Screening utilizes the latest in screening technologies to build customized solutions and provide cutting edge services to a broad industry footprint. Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, our team’s comprehensive knowledge of the screening landscape ensures you will be compliant with all federal, state and industry regulations while providing cutting edge services at the best possible value. We help you to “hire right so you don’t have to fire wrong.”

“According to a report by Public Personnel Management, employers have lost over 79% of wrongful hire lawsuits.”

Shield Screening is the only company in the industry that offers 24/7/365 service and assistance.

Shield Screening is among less than 1% of the Background Screening Companies in the world that are accredited by the Background Screening and Credentialing Board.

The Stonewall Group and Shield Screening also partner with Emerge Diagnostics of Carlsbad, CA to offer a revolutionary technology to prevent Workers Compensation Fraud and to significantly reduce the time away from work for injured employees. Early adopters of this technology have documented Returns on Investment (ROI) of 1300-1900%!

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The Stonewall Group/Shield Screening core competencies include:

  • Criminal record checks
  • Credit and financial background checks
  • Sex offender records
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Employment & volunteer verification services
  • Driving record search
  • Residential histories
  • Worker compensation records and fraud prevention